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Original Drinking Cacao 200g


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Whole bean Drinking Cacao was the main reason why Hyggelig was born; to bring about the warm, happy, hygge feeling you get when drinking hot cacao. Our original and most popular blend, made with 77% base dark chocolate plus a pinch of Rapadura. We have blended the best cacao beans – 26 beans per cup and refined them locally, creating new and deliciously pure tastes.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Raw Australian Sugar and Rapadura Sugar, nothing else.

Bean count: 162 per pot.



We encourage traditional whisking over the stove, however, a barista-type steamer or a milk frother can speed up preparation time.

  1. Heap 5 heaped teaspoons (32g) of drinking cacao to a saucepan, add 220ml of milk of your choice.
  2. Heat the on high heat, constantly stirring with a whisk until boiling (you should see the milk bubble and rise).
  3. Cool down to 65 degrees Celsius.
  4. Let hygge begin!


Add coffee for a killer homemade mocha, or blend with iced milk for a refreshing treat.

For kids, we recommend reducing dosage to 20g per 220ml cup to make it family pleaser.

If using a plant-based milk, we recommend macadamia or oat milk.