Hyggelig – Home of Fresh Cacao

Our Story - Cosy Beginnings

Hyggelig was born in 2019 in Sydney. Inspired by the philosophy of bean-to-bar chocolate, we travelled the world visiting different chocolate makers and cacao traders, as well as partnering with CSIRO locally, to introduce new ways for Australians to experience the flavours of Fresh Chocolate. 

“Hyggelig” (pronounced “hoo-ga-lee“) is a Danish/Norwegian word to describe a feeling of “cosiness”; think time with friends and family, fireplaces and hot chocolate – things which makes us happy and fuzzy inside.

We want to recreate that hygge feeling any time people encounter our chocolate: whether it is through the initial nourishing sip of our Whole Bean Specialty Cacao, a welcoming morning boost to start the day with a sprinkle of our freshly ground chocolate on your breakfast, or the moment our Fresh Chocolate melts in your mouth and explodes in many flavours. 

hyggelig fresh beans

Our Difference - Hyggelig Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most loved products in the world, but also the least known and taken for granted. Industrialisation has created a lengthy supply chain that reduces natural flavours and properties of chocolate.

Cacao beans are influenced by the region in which they are grown, soil type, sun & rain balance, elevation, general farming practices, fermentation method, seasonal weather and the bean’s genealogy; each batch would yield a different flavour profile – be it fruity, nutty, sweet or bitter – like a good glass of red, each has its own personality waiting to be savoured.

We source some of the best fermented raw cacao beans from around the world, roast them locally and refine on a stone grinder for 48-72 hours to make our own fresh chocolate (whole cacao bean and Australian raw sugar only, no additives). While some beans work well with milk, others work better with water, some work better in a blend and others prefer to stand out as single origins.

Much as specialty coffee was “just coffee” twenty years ago, chocolate is now following the same exciting trajectory. Hyggelig is here to bring out all the forgotten flavours of the bean – Big Beans or Little beans, we welcome them all.

Come and try for yourself. Get cosy with chocolate.