Our Story

Cosy Beginnings

Hyggelig, pronounced “hoo-ga-lee” (or just simply “hig-ga-lig” since we’re Australian), means “cosiness” in Danish. Think fireplaces, home, family, friends, laughter, warmth, health, chocolate, and great food … oh yes, hot chocolate – the things which makes us happy and fuzzy inside. We decided to search for ways to re-create this emotional journey, starting with chocolate; specifically, fresh drinking chocolate (known as “Fresh Cacao” at Hyggelig).

Early on in our journey, we were advised by some great chocolate makers that if we were to create great chocolate, we would need to roast our beans and “play around” with cacao roasting profiles. Therefore, we spent a good part of 2018 and 2019 sourcing and testing cacao beans from around the world. They come in many shapes and sizes, and being an agricultural product, the taste changes too from year to year, region to region and farm to farm.

Origin, freshness, taste and health are important to us, so we will be transforming the whole beans directly into your cup in-store.

hyggelig fresh beans

Our Difference - The Art of Blending

Cacao beans are influenced by the region in which they are grown (soil type, sun & rain balance, elevation, general farming practices, fermentation method, seasonal weather, the bean’s genealogy); each batch would yield a different flavour profile – be it fruity, nutty, sweet, bitter – like a good glass of red, each has its own characteristic waiting to be savoured.

At Hyggelig Fresh Cacao, we’ve sourced different cacao beans from around the world and have spent many hours blending different beans to create a multi-dimensional cup of Fresh Cacao. We rely on the uniqueness of each bean to bring you the flavours we want you to taste – no additives such as cocoa or milk powders are used – just the bean, raw sugar and milk or water.

While some beans work well with milk, others work better with water, some work better hot than cold, some work better blended and others prefer to be single origins, and some were born to be in our pastry range rather than in our drinks.

Big beans or little beans, we welcome them all.

Our Hyggelig Homes Welcome You

We’ve designed our stores with a mix of hygge and honest craftsmanship in mind, which is why you will hear our stone melangers clunking away in stores together with the smell of fresh chocolate.

This is the day that chocolate got fresh. And this is its home.