Hyggelig – Home of Fresh Cacao

Our Story

Hyggelig was born in January 2019 in Sydney. After nearly 20 years working for Lego, Robert Csano jumped from blocks to beans to pursue his passion for chocolate. Inspired by the philosophy of bean-to-bar chocolate, Robert wanted to create a new way to experience fresh chocolate.

After working with Danes for so long, Robert began to love the Danish concept of hygge. “Hyggelig” (pronounced. hoo-ga-lee) is a Danish/Norwegian word to describe a feeling of “cosiness”. In Scandinavia this means fireplaces, time with friends and family, and, usually, hot chocolate. We want to recreate that hygge feeling any time people encounter our fresh chocolate, whether it is in a drink form, snacking on a muesli bar or eating chocolate.

hyggelig fresh beans

Hyggelig Chocolate

Chocolate is a product that has been taken for granted. Industrialisation has created a lengthy supply chain, sometimes over 2 years, that reduces natural flavours and properties of natural chocolate. We take the fermented raw cacao beans, roast them and refine them to make our own fresh chocolate.

Much as coffee was ‘just coffee’ twenty years ago, chocolate is now emerging as a food that has more to offer than can be provided by everyday, mass-market products.

And because our chocolate is fresh, we don’t need to use any additives to add flavour. Hyggelig brings out the true flavour of the bean.

Come and try for yourself. Get cosy with chocolate.