Hyggelig – Home of Fresh Cacao

Welcome to Hyggelig.
Here’s where we come
together to craft, serve and
enjoy fresh cacao.
Oh yes. It’s our happy place.
And hopefully soon yours too.

26 fresh beans
in a cup. That’s a lot.
It tastes so good.
It feels so good.
Sit a bit. Indulge a bit.
And drink something that
Makes you smile.

Come on in and join our family
Funny Little Beans, Big Beans,
Long Beans, Skinny Beans,
The door is open, the melanger is on,
clonk, clonk.
Smell the Freshly made cacao.

Take a seat, or a bean bag.
Grab a mug. Get a hug.
You deserve it. Probably. Who cares.
Kick your shoes off. Actually,
maybe not. Whatever.

Just get cosy. Sit together
and feel at home, because
this is your home.

Where you can be who
you want to be. Whether you’re
a little sipper. A noisy slurper.
Or a big gulper.

One thing’s for sure.
We. All. Love. It. Fresh.