Hyggelig – Home of Fresh Cacao

Our Products

All of Hyggelig’s products are made in-house.

Come and experience our drinking chocolate for yourself.

Fresh Cacao

Velvety and decadent drinking chocolate made with  your choice of milk (including macadamia); no powders, no additives.

Bean count: 26


A unique water-based drinking chocolate that brings out the clarity of the cacao in its purest form.

Dairy free.

Bean count: 20 (Dark Baron)

Fresh Mocha

Crafted cacao and boutique coffee beans, brought together to create a balanced marriage of flavours.

Bean count: 19

Iced Fresh Cacao

Our signature cacao blend, shaken and served on ice.  

Bean count: 29

Ready-to-eat chocolate, cacao nibs, drinking and cooking chocolate

DARK: The pure expression of our fresh cacao.

MILK: Fresh roasted cacao with fresh Australian milk.

WHITE: Luxurious cacao butter churned with toasted Australian milk powder.


We provide a range of cookies and pastries, made fresh in-house for chocolate lovers of all ages.