Our Fresh Cacao

We think fresh is best – which is why each cup is made directly from whole cacao beans (we’ve counted the number of beans which goes into each cup too, in case you’re interested). You will see our melangers run 24/7 in-store; everything from our Fresh Cacao to our cookies and pastries offered are made from scratch.

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Our Signature Products

Hyggelig Fresh Cacao

Made fresh with a special blend of cacao beans to create the best milk-based Fresh Cacao. Made directly from cacao beans, with no powders or additives. It’s velvety, decadent yet full of wholefood goodness.

Also available with Australian macadamia milk.

26 beans in every cup – that’s a lot.


Our unique water-based, dairy-free, Fresh Cacao offering. Our blend and brewing method allows you to smell and taste the uniqueness of cacao. Created for the Chocolate aficionado – you’ve never tasted anything quite like this.

14 beans in every cup.

Hyggelig Fresh Mocha

There is mocha- and then there is Hyggelig Fresh MochaBoth the cacao and coffee beans were craft-fully blended to create an unforgettable mocha experience balancing two dominant flavours. Go on, try it – potentially the world’s best mocha.

Warning: once you fall in love for this sun-kissed bride there is no going back …

19 beans in every cup with a shot of espresso.


Hyggelig Iced Fresh Cacao

Our signature blend of cacao beans, shaken to perfection to create the most delicious Iced Cacao drink. 

29 beans in every cup.

Craft Cookies and Pastries

At Hyggelig Fresh Cacao, we strive to create recipes that we love to eat and would love to serve to you, to our kids and to our friends and families. Our cookies and pastry offering are made fresh, in-house on a daily basis, showcasing our craft chocolate in each bite.

Like a mad chocolate professor, we are never fully satisfied and will continuously challenge yesterday’s recipes and execution. Our fresh chocolate production capabilities allow us to push boundaries in chocolate taste, be more playful and a little chocolate-crazy.

Come visit us, where it smells like chocolate cookies all day long.